Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Idiot Scumbag Gets it Wrong Yet Again

Since I can't always look at all of the sites I usually read during my day at work, I usually end up checking them when I get home. My work's proxy is somewhat wonky with the sites it allows and disallows. It both frustrates me and gives me no end of amusement to see Orac's site blocked by my proxy as a hate site. Makes it all worthwhile.

So, I get home to check to see what the scumbag is up to. You know, the checking up on the enemy type of thing. And lo and behold. Poor wittle David Dorkski is upset about something that Kim Stagliano wrote. Oh, Waaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!

So, he begins his diatibe with the usual immature, 12 year old mentality verbal diarrhea that we all come to expect from his little pea brain.

"My irony meter exploded in a near-nuclear conflagration, leaving nothing but a sputtering, molten puff of plasma when I was referred to this gem from Kim Stagliano over at Age of Autism directed at the enemy of all anti-vaccine pseudoscience, that Dark Lord of Vaccination (to anti-vaccine loons) himself, Paul Offit:"

Seriously. Irony meter? And this guy is supposed to be a doctor? How old is he? And Mr. Offit is not the "Dark Lord of Vaccination," he's just the mouthpiece of his lords and masters, the Pharmaceutical giants. If he didn't want to be the face of the vaccination movement, I'm sure he would stop saying whatever it is they pay him to say.

So, he goes on to quote Kim Stagliano, then whimpers, moans and accuses her of projecting. Now, this is a tired anti-safe vaccination tactic known as the "I know you are but what am I?" defense. It's just as immature and even more nauseatingly boring.

He mentions in his usual whining and blathering way that it is not Doctors like Offit that are causing distrust in vaccines, but parents like me who have vaccine injured children.

Wrong! Wrong, wrong, wrong, you fucking nitwit!

See, here's the deal. The pro-safe vaccine crowd had nothing to do with the public distrust of the H1N1 vaccine. People were distrustful of it from day one, and the guerilla marketing technique of the Pharma industry just made them even more distrustful. Parents like me had nothing to do with this. Hell, Age of Autism has nothing to do with this. Do you really think, you fucking moron, that 41% of all Americans read Age of Autism? Or, maybe it's that you think that 41% of all Americans are parents of vaccine injured kids?

Or, maybe it's doctors, scientists, and wannabes who have made a game of insulting, harassing and ridiculing the pain that these parents and their children feel. Like, you, right, David?

And then, the comments from his sycophantic lickspittles are even better. Trying to paint Kim as "Dr. Evil." Ladies and Gents....these are supposed to be scientists and doctors. These are supposed to be the people we go to when we are sick. And they just nod their little bobble heads, agreeing with everything their overlord says. Hell, if he farted in the same room, they would probably all run to where he broke wind and try to bask in it's wretchedness.

Now I bet you are all gonna sleep so good tonight, huh?

Dorkski....pull your head out of your ass and grow the fuck up.

Last night, someone posting under the name of "JB" posted this:
"Oh Craig, so proud of your blog - you used even more profanity than me and kim


All of you reading this probably thought that this would be the one and only JB Handley. No. You see, the IP address for this individual is not consistent with the location of Mr. Handley. So, I called him on it and told him it was illegal to impersonate someone on the internet. He responded later that evening, and I mistakenly deleted his comment (still getting used to Blogspot and the way it does things). Here is what he wrote:

"WTF are you talking about? Do you think there's not more than one person in the world with the handle JB?"

Yes, there would be, my friend. But, reading your comment, you are leaving everyone the impression that you are Mr. Handley. Now, I will leave this up to the interpretation of my readers whether or not they believe that you were pretending to be Mr. Handley.

Here's what Texas has to say about what "JB" did:

Sec. 33.07. ONLINE HARASSMENT. (a) A person commits an

offense if the person uses the name or persona of another person to

create a web page on or to post one or more messages on a commercial

social networking site :

(1) without obtaining the other person’s consent; and

(2) with the intent to harm, defraud, intimidate, or

threaten any person.

(b) A person commits an offense if the person sends an

electronic mail, instant message, text message, or similar

communication that references a name, domain address, phone number,

or other item of identifying information belonging to any person:

(1) without obtaining the other person’s consent;

(2) with the intent to cause a recipient of the

communication to reasonably believe that the other person

authorized or transmitted the communication; and

(3) with the intent to harm or defraud any person.

(c) An offense under Subsection (a) is a felony of the third

degree. An offense under Subsection (b) is a Class A misdemeanor,

except that the offense is a felony of the third degree if the actor

commits the offense with the intent to solicit a response by

emergency personnel.

(d) If conduct that constitutes an offense under this

section also constitutes an offense under any other law, the actor

may be prosecuted under this section, the other law, or both.

(e) It is a defense to prosecution under this section that

the actor is any of the following entities or that the actor’s

conduct consisted solely of action taken as an employee of any of

the following entities:

(1) a commercial social networking site ;

(2) an Internet service provider;

(3) an interactive computer service, as defined by 47

U.S.C. Section 230;

(4) a telecommunications provider, as defined by

Section 51.002, Utilities Code; or

(5) a video service provider or cable service

provider, as defined by Section 66.002, Utilities Code.

(f) In this section:

(1) ” Commercial social networking site ” means any

business, organization, or other similar entity operating a website

that permits persons to become registered users for the purpose of

establishing personal relationships with other users through

direct or real-time communication with other users or the creation

of web pages or profiles available to the public or to other users.

The term does not include an electronic mail program or a message

board program.

(2) “Identifying information” has the meaning

assigned by Section 32.51.

SECTION 2. This Act takes effect September 1, 2009.
Further Addendum:
So, this morning before work and while I was having my morning caffeine, I happened to glance over at Orac's hatesite and was shocked to see this gem in the comments section:
"I say let these anti-vaccination alarmists and their children die via some vaccine-preventable disease. Evolution at its finest.

Posted by: Xenu
December 8, 2009 4:43 PM"

I say this again; these are supposed to be Doctors and Scientists.

Now, to be fair, one of the posters over there, Chris, was rightfully appalled by Xenu's comment and was vehemently opposed to what was said. Thank you, Chris....you get much deserved Kudos for that.

Now, I'm wondering if Offit would be willing to post some of his "death threats" that parents of vaccine injured children have allegedly made to him. He SAYS that he has had death threats, but has not backed this up with evidence. So, this sure does sound anecdotal to me, yes? Now, we all know that we, the parents of vaccine-injured children, HAVE received death threats.

Oh, and Orac, in case you didn't guess....you're one of the 2 people I don't allow on this site.


  1. Oh Craig, so proud of your blog - you used even more profanity than me and kim


  2. That's odd, I thought JB was from California.

    You do know it's illegal to impersonate someone over the internet, yes? Your IP address and location have been noted. Toodles!

  3. Craig,

    Remember that Orac's commenters are the general public, some of whom may be scientists and doctors, but most are not. And anyone (but Best and Dawn) can comment over there, no moderation, so a lot of crap goes up over there that Orac rarely intercedes on. That person posting that drivel is obviously not a scientist or familiar with vaccines or would have understood herd immunity and why his statement was inaccurate as well as atrocious.

    Both "sides" have assholes on them. Doesn't mean the majority of people are, though. :-)

  4. Agreed, Kim. But the fact that he did not say anything in disagreement says a lot to me. Since almost none of the other posters said anything, either...well, that also says a lot.

    I do appreciate Chris speaking up about it, though. That was really cool of him, and I have to give credit where credit is due.

    I hope your finals went well.

  5. Well, try to think of it like some of the things that get said over at AoA that are way way over the top and how often nothing is ever said to the person. I suspect on both sides it's a matter of selectively ignoring the inappropriate person, and on Orac when the thread gets long like that, if you come in forty below the person's post, it looks too little too late, old news.

  6. He's a dipshit! A fucking dipshit I might add!

    I'm glad you started your blog. It's an awesome thing to vent and put it out there.

    As far as naming your blog - I don't know which notes you might be refering to, but it's Socrates I would guess because of the philosophical interpretation of his writings (notes) by Plato and Socrates life guided by self responsibility, which is exactly what we are doing for our vaccine injured children. Because we can't trust the fucking government run agencies to be responsible in pretty much any arena.

    Do I get a kudo's or a brownie button?

    Keep going Craig. It's a terrific thing to call these nut bars out on their shit!

  7. Thank you, Angela :-)

    No, sadly no kudos, but I do like your interpretation. I'll see if anyone else posts with an idea....it really isn't as deep as that, but merely a reference to a favorite movie of mine.

    Anyway, thanks for commenting. I hope to see more of you :-)

  8. So, I would certainly be someone who disagrees with your views re: vaccination and autism, however I think I've figured out your blog title...

    Is it from "Sneakers"?

    Kudos for me? :-)

  9. Sarita, you are indeed correct. Kudos for you!

    Classic movie that did not in the least get the credit it deserved. And talk about an all-star cast!

  10. You seem to have spelt Dr Geeky's name incorrectly.