Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Oh, the Hypocrisy is Rich!

Orac's brothel has a new post today. I know it seems that I'm picking on him quite a bit lately, but he just makes it too easy! Besides, he deserves it. And this is way too good to pass up. It practically begs for my own special brand of critique.

He is again writing about the American Rally for Personal Rights, which I tore him apart for a few posts ago. This time, though, he is criticizing Michael Belkin and his new band, The Refusers, and their song Vaccine Gestapo.

Now, before I begin, I must make an admission. Michael may be the nicest guy there ever was, but Vaccine Gestapo is just plain bad. I mean REALLY bad. As in Gawdawful bad. The song sounds (remotely...well, within a few miles, anyway) like Neil Young trying to do punk. While you try to wrap your brain around that concept, I'll move on.

Orac is apparently disturbed by the song. He links to Moron Supreme's article on HuffPo, where the idiot goes on to compare the people at AoA and those doing the AutismOne and American Rally for Personal Rights to the Tea Party. He is appalled by these lyrics...I mean, how DARE someone compare them to the Gestapo!

And here's what is so damned funny. The hypocrisy of these shitheads is so profound, so astounding, that there are no words in the English language that could describe it.

Moron Supreme did this shitty parody of a movie called Downfall. It's about the fall of the Third Reich. In his parody, he put Der Fueher in as J.B. Handley, and Kim Stagliano and a few other prominent names in as his generals. AoA wrote an article about it (Here). Mercifully, the awful parody has been taken down on YouTube due to copyright violation. As a result, I have a feeling that Moron Supreme has his panties in a wad.

Back to Orac. He closes his whining rampage with the following:

These lyrics are so idiotic that I briefly flirted with the idea of doing a Hitler Zombie piece on this and ultimately decided that the undead F├╝hrer has more taste than that.

Finally, what's that again about AutismOne, Age of Autism, and the "vaccines cause autism" movement not being "anti-vaccine"? In any case, this is so hilarious that anyone who can score me a copy of the complimentary Refusers CD being passed out at the anti-vaccine rally in a week will earn Orac's eternal gratitude. I'd really love to see the artwork.

LMAO!!! Oh no! He was going to unleash one of his teenaged wet dream fantasies on The Refusers. And, really, do I need to repeat my rebuttal to his claim about AutismOne and AoA being Anti-vax?

I must say, if anything, Mr. Gorski is awfully fun to ridicule. I laughed.....a lot!

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