Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Uh oh...the Parents are right about something....yet again.

This just in:

Parents are right about yet another Autism treatment. According to this article (Here), the hormone Oxytocin is showing promising results as a treatment for Autism. After several autistic adults were given the spray, they were better able to differentiate social behaviors and facial features.

But parents have been using this for a while now. But we're just terrible, crazy parents for wanting to help our childrens' more severe symptoms.

What else have parents been off their rockers about? GI symptoms are common in Autistic children. Well, that's just crazy! But wait, the AAP has announced that pediatricians should start treating GI symptoms in autistic children because they acknowledge that GI symptoms are common in Autistic children.

So that means that parents of Autistic children who have been treating their children for these conditions with a controlled diet and with Oxytocin spray were right? Whoa!!! I'm shocked! Everyone knows that us curebies are nutters and don't know what we're talking about. And how dare we try to cure our children! How dare we try to stop them from hurting themselves and others! What's wrong with us?

Or maybe, just maybe, these idiot doctors and scientists and wannabes who mock and ridicule these parents should listen to them instead. Such a novel concept, that.


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